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Preserve and honor the past through scholarly research and interpretation.

  • We not only do a holistic analysis of the soldier's military record but we also look at him as a person and his family. 
  • The enemy has a vote in warfare and we do take a look at the opposing units for their perspective on a significant battle in relation to your ancestor.
  • We make a written report to include a bibliography and leader's after action reports and package them for you to refer to in your family history.
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Have you ever asked yourself the questions?
  • What did my ancestors do before the war?
  • What battles did he fight in?
  • What do these papers mean about his service?
  • Exactly where was he at during the battle?

Typically the information you find on the internet is just the first layer of what may be available about your Civil War ancestor.  We have access to resources that are beyond just the census and the Compiled Military Service Records that you obtain from the National Archives. 

We take that next step and find the answers to the questions you may have  on family stories, military and pensions records, and put everything into context for you.  We can also tailor make a tour package for you so you can walk the very ground where your ancestor walked and fought during a select battle. 

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